Your Trip Leader

When I travel, I feel in alignment – I feel ALIVE! I am aware of every sight, smell and sound – because it is all new! This kind of awareness cuts deeply, straight to the soul. The world is an amazing place! And I want to share this with you!

Hi, I’m Nitaña, Founder and Trip Leader at Tour De Dance!

I had a humble upbringing. I always loved dance. This love of dance led me eventually to UCLA’s World Arts & Cultures Dance program. I loved getting up in the morning and putting ballet tights on under my clothes, knowing that I had a full day of dance ahead of me.

I have been fortunate to dance in numerous dance companies, as both an amateur and professional. I have also had the pleasure of being a dance instructor in various dance forms. My primary dance form is flamenco but I enjoy so many other dance forms! When I hear flamenco music, I am entranced. My heart dances.

Never do I feel more alive than when I am dancing or when I am traveling. Combining the two is a dream come true! I know I am not the only one who believes there is so much to gain by experiencing other cultures in this hands on way. To share these adventures with new friends is beyond what I could dream up – but here you are, and I’m so grateful.

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I give my mom and grandma credit for instilling a love of travel in me. They are both world travelers, especially my grandma who is now 92 and has been to more countries than I can keep track of. My mom took me along with her on road trips, business trips, and travel for pleasure when I was young. Thanks, mom for taking me along for the ride. She always said I was a good little traveler.