Tour De Dance is founded on the idea that beautiful experiences unfold when one connects with the people of a distant land through their arts. Our trips are designed for all levels of dancers, including those who have yet to begin. Something magical happens when you are in a new land, hearing new music, learning a new dance, in a new language. There is a deeper connection that is made to place and culture that cannot compare to the typical tourist experience of a quick stop on a cruise or even an extended stay at a resort.


Tour De Dance is all about stepping off the well-worn path and into adventure land; learning about a new culture from the inside out through hands on experiences – dancing the local dance forms, connecting with local artists, connecting with the land, sampling the local cuisine, and taking time to relax and soak it all in.

It is in traveling that we learn who we are. And in dancing together we learn who our friends are. We at Tour De Dance know you have new friends all around the world that you have yet to meet.

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